Christmas is around the corner and it’s time to plan your year-end vacation. Celebrate the festival with all zeal and zest while exploring the beautiful corners of the world. But sometimes finances are what keep us away from planning our dream holidays. Isn’t it? However, worry not!

Here, we list down the top cheapest destinations you can fly to this Christmas. These wonderful places host a variety of tourist attractions and make for ideal destinations to spend some quality time with your family and friends. Witness their majesty and make cue memories to remember forever. You can download a flight ticket booking app to get cheap flight.


A gorgeous southeast Asian country famous for beautiful sandy beaches, incredible architecture, and interesting history! It is one place where you come across the liveliest streets, adorned royal palaces, and vibrant party places to feel the vibes of Christmas.

From enjoying the splendour of the Grand Palace to admiring the riverside landmark of Wat Arun, everything in Thailand keeps you intrigued. Chill out at the beaches of Phi Phi Islands or enjoy relishing great food as well as shopping at Chiang Mai Bazaar.


If nature is what you look forward to exploring this Christmas, then you can plan to book cheap flights to Kenya. This East African country houses heavenly lakes, dense forests, diverse wildlife, and of course, mountainous regions to marvel at.

Step out of your hotel room and you have a buffet of world-class beauties all around. Visit the world-famous Maasai Mara Reserve or enjoy the grand spectacles of Mount Kilimanjaro from Amboseli National Park. Kenya in the true sense is an idyllic destination to indulge in wildlife safari and nature exploration.


Though located in Africa, Morocco showcases the richness of Arab culture with its age-old traditions and customs, ancient buildings, centuries-old markets, and incredibly luscious cuisine. Visit it during December to watch the beautiful capital city of Rabat exuding the colours of happiness and joy all around.

Explore its streets and mingle with crowds of lovely people. Morocco has delightful palaces, mosques, mansions, and other such structures to lure you. And due to its location on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Morocco also hosts the best of beaches where you can laze in cool sands and enjoy the Christmas times.


How about an escape in the midst of the Indian Ocean away from the regular tourist crowd where you can chill out by long stretches of sand and play in the beautiful seawater? If you are in for it, then look no further than the ravishing Maldives.

This group of islands is one of the most beautiful places to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones. Stay at a luxury resort by the sea and enjoy premium facilities. From seaside candle-flight dinners to in-house party halls, everything is going to interest you to the core.


Another great place where you can savour the true essence of nature along with the authentic vibes of Christmas! Indonesia is an Asian country nestled between the Indian and Pacific Oceans with a variety of attractions to look forward to. As it is popular for its rich temples, ornate buildings, and ancient culture, it is frequented by history lovers and explorers from all around the world.

However, the presence of luxury hotels and resorts, party clubs, and beaches has made it equally popular amongst youngsters and couples. So, while in Indonesia, enjoy the festival of Christmas to the fullest while relishing a glass of wine. Dive into infinity pools and witness colourful sceneries from your resort.

Sri Lanka

A cheap destination to fly to this Christmas, Sri Lanka should be on your bucket list if culture and nature are what you look forward to exploring on a vacation. Visit it and go on a soul-satisfying journey of your life.

Bask under the glaring sun on sandy beaches, enjoy water adventure sports, explore cascading waterfalls, visit party clubs and bars, and shop for grand souvenirs. Sri Lanka also has luxuriant wildlife and streams for its guests. So, download your flight ticket booking app right now and get your cheap flights to Sri Lanka.

Micah Leif