Vacationers and business travelers alike tend to take clean water for granted. But even a hotel in an idyllic setting can expose guests to illness from something as seemingly innocuous as taking a dip in the pool … or simply breathing the air. Two major health risks to watch out for in hospitality settings, Legionnaires’ Disease and Cryptosporidiosis (Crypto) are illnesses to be especially wary of in and around your hotel or resort stays. While it’s true that other types of potentially dangerous and microscopic contaminants can be present in hotel water sources, these two are particularly fond of the hospitality industry and their offerings. Within the infographic featured amongst this post, you’ll find information related to the two aforementioned major health risks, as well as tips for avoiding them and other waterborne illnesses in your stays.

Hotel Hygiene: Watch Out For The Water from LiquiTech, a company specializing in commercial water management

Micah Leif