Where is Long Island, you may be wondering? It is situated in an area where a humid subtropical climate meets a humid continental climate. This implies that spring and fall are warm, summers are typically hot and muggy with sporadic thunderstorms, and winters are cold with a combination of snow and rain. Because Long Island is located on the Atlantic Ocean, its coastal regions, like the South Shore, benefit from the chilly ocean breezes and are typically much colder than the rest of the island. Due to its seaside location, it frequently experiences warmer winters than the rest of New York.

Simply because you are outside of Manhattan proper does not imply that prices are lower. In fact, Long Island surpasses New York City as one of the most expensive areas to live in the country. The average cost of  Long Island Houses for Sale is close to $615,000. On Long Island, there are a ton of entertaining things to do. You’ll be glad to hear that the island is home to a number of museums, performing arts venues, and art galleries if you’re a fan of the arts. If you prefer music, there are a variety of places to go, from bars to full concert halls. Different venues will play various musical genres, and some will be able to book well-known performers and bands to perform. The Best Winter Activities on Long Island are listed below.

Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium

With the purchase of admission, visitors can take guided tours of the Vanderbilt Mansion’s residences and step back in time to the 1920s through the 1940s, when William K. Vanderbilt II lived there. Shows at the planetarium are equally fun! Additionally, they have a whole Christmas Lightshow to enjoy during the holiday season.

NHL Game

If you like hockey, you’ll be happy to know that The Islanders, who are currently playing at Elmont, Long Island’s UBS Arena at Belmont Park, are from Long Island. The 82-game hockey season lasts from early October to early April.

Whale/Seal Watching

Consider taking a whale watching or seal viewing cruise, which is one of the most enjoyable winter activities to do on Long Island! In Suffolk County, seeing whales and seals is a fairly frequent occurrence and a wonderful winter sport. The humpback whale is the type of whale you are most likely to witness on Long Island. Additionally, bottle-nosed dolphins are frequently visible! During the winter, seals are abundant in the waters around Long Island. My favorite place to see seals is Westhampton Beach! There are cruises that will take you to all the most popular seal locations on Long Island, though, if you want the entire experience. The Grey Seal, Hooded Seal, Harp Seal, Harbor Seal, and Ringed Seal are among the seal species you might observe on Long Island.

Riverhead Long Island Aquarium

There are numerous indoor and outdoor activities, so there is much to discover. An exhibit tank for a coral reef that holds 20,000 US gallons is one of their main draws. It actually has one of the biggest displays of living coral in the Western Hemisphere. The aquarium offers live webcam views of its creatures on its website and releases a lot of wildlife following animal rehabilitation through its New York Marine Rescue Center.

Micah Leif