Living coastally comes with a number of potential benefits, from the refreshing salty air to the sandy shores only a few steps away. It is an experience that many wish to enjoy but one that appeals to outdoor activity enthusiasts more than most. This is because, whether the coast is home to tranquil waters or crashing waves, there is an amazing selection of outdoor activities that are perfect for those living by the coast.

Scuba Diving

There are a number of reasons that people form a strong relationship with diving. Some feel that exploring the ocean is to experience one of our planet’s least explored frontiers, while others describe its peacefulness and profundity as unparalleled. For those living on the coast, it is an amazing way to explore and learn about your home’s landscapes, seeing how the delicate environment has been shaped through history, how its balance is now being impacted in modern times, and the wildlife it hosts, which, depending on your location, can include anything from fish to seals!


Not every shoreline will accommodate the waves necessary for good surfing. However, for those who are lucky enough to have frequent and reliable waves on their doorstep, surfing can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling activities to pursue. In addition to being superb physical exercise, the adrenaline that comes from even brief waves leaves surfers feeling immensely accomplished, encouraging them to come back for more.

Paddle Boarding

Many outdoor activities seem to exclude those who aren’t willing or able to take on physically demanding endeavours. Paddle boarding, or SUP, however, has become popular precisely because it is accommodating. It is an activity that an entire family can potentially enjoy, allowing them to take to the water and explore the ocean views. It also has a number of benefits, such as lowering stress, which comes from the incredibly peaceful nature of its process.

Coastal Foraging

Learning about the wild foods that grow along your coastline, whether it is one of the many nutritious seaweeds or a cliffside plant, can be incredibly rewarding for both your local knowledge and kitchen. Those who forage tend to find themselves feeling closer to nature, experiencing the seasons first hand and understanding the different effects that climate and weather have upon flavours. Additionally, there are few better ways to begin cooking locally than with ingredients that are specific to your region’s coast.


Exploring your local area doesn’t need to be limited by the landscape. In fact, there are groups dedicated to exploring the more challenging coastlines, mixing rock climbing and swimming to surmount the coasts incredible environments. Many find it to be one of the most exhilarating outdoor activities because it encompasses so much, from exploring caves to jumping off of cliffs. While this may be reserved to the more adrenaline hungry coastal residents, there are few better ways to really get to know your coast and certainly more so than many other residents in the area!

Micah Leif