There are several boys and girls who go to a number of summer camps which include residential camps, day camps and a number of other specialty camps. We all remember camping as one of the most integral part of the school curriculum. It was something that I can never forget throughout the life, the magic that a camp experience can bring about in the developmental values of our youth. All the experience in the camp stands as the foremost as compared to the different educational possibilities for the personal growth. Some of the factors that help in making the camp an effective one is the setting of the camp itself, the interaction level of the group in the camp, the sharing of the different activities and the different forms of leadership offered by the adults other than the parents or the teachers.

The camping experience is available on a broad base to all our young citizens. A look at the camping objectives will help us to have a better glance on the camping experience as such:

o The camping experience is designed in such a way that it offers a wide variety of skills like sports, crafts, water skills, nature lore etc; The young people have wider range of options to explore the diverse interests in addition to enhancing their existing interests in a wider scope.
o In addition to the wide range of activities offered during the camping tenure, there is a realization and appreciation of the Supreme Being through the nature that can be easily felt in the open setting of the camp.
o Summer camps are the centers that aim at developing the physical characteristics and the social behavior of the individuals. With the range of diverse activities, balanced diet, supervision through trained professionals. Camps are known for enhancing the mental and physical vigor.
o Safety is one of the primary concerns of camping and safety can be exercised through the efforts of each and every member in the camp.
o As mentioned earlier summer camps aim at developing the socializing skills of the people, the personal adjustments that the campers need to make because of the level of close living, changing and the demanding society. Camping is known to provide pathways that lead to understanding of other people, their differences in races, economic levels, religions, gender and levels of capabilities.
o The characteristic of independence is brought to light with the camp life, this is really important with the feature that we live in a multi society.

We all are aware of the fact that camping is fun and it is an environment wherein you can completely uplift your existing skills, develop new skills, live in an environment that is not closed with the near and dear ones, you can live with other people in an environment wherein you can develop your socializing skills, work on your nature to be more friendly, work to be physically fit, develop traits that will help you to live happy and how to tackle the stress levels.

Micah Leif